Gens de Paris

Gens de la Seine is part of the soundwalks collection Gens de Paris. Gens de Paris recounts events that took place on this street corner, in the shade of that tree, in that building over there. Based on the lives of former inhabitants, it tells the stories from their perspectives.

Gens de Paris aims to cover all time periods, places and themes, as long as there are characters to bring the past to life and in-depth historical research to give them meaning, situating them in their social context. Each story is born of a dialogue, precious and unprecedented, between a historian and an author. It thus calls on the imagination and emotion of today’s visitors in order to bring these former Parisians back to life. The documentary stories created by Gens de Paris will be eventually available as an app, designed to transform our relationship to the town and its past. Like Gens de la Seine, each thematic soundwalk will be the object of a public, private or associative partnership.


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